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Advertising in Victor Valley Made Easy

Welcome to Victor Valley Advertising by El Dorado, where creativity meets strategy to propel your brand into the spotlight. Our diverse range of services are designed to ensure your message not only reaches, but resonates with your audience, regardless of the platform or medium.

Digital Marketing

Dive into the digital realm with innovative solutions that cut through the noise. From social media to SEO and everything in between, we leverage the latest in digital marketing to connect your brand with its target audience in the most effective ways possible.

Mass Media

Broaden your reach in the Victor Valley with our mass media strategies that make a lasting impact. Our team crafts compelling stories that speak directly to the masses our six local broadcast radio stations, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Live Events

Experience the power of live engagement with our customized event marketing services. From intimate gatherings to full large-scale productions, we create unforgettable events that not only captivate your audience, but also provide tangible results for your brand.

Web Design

Elevate your online presence with our strategic web design services. We blend aesthetics with functionality to create stunning, user-friendly websites that captivate your audience and drive results. Let us help you make a powerful first impression in the digital world.


Marketing 101

Marketing is the science of finding prospects and turning then into profitable customers for your business. A marketing plan is biggest business process lever that delivers for the bottom line.

Create your ideal customer persona. List their fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations. Think like your prospect, what are they thinking? What does your customer want the most? What does the customer most want to avoid? What is their education level in relation to your product, not aware, beginner, comparing options or experienced buyer. What does your customer value which they will pay to achieve?

Conversion rate is the percent of prospects that become customers. Determine the cost of marketing for each new client. Work out the lifelong revenue per client. Is your marketing profitable or is it time to adjust.

Determine where your prospects interacts with the world. Do they read newspapers, magazines, use select social media, use YouTube, perform Google searches, drive past billboards, use select websites, use email, use eCommerce, are members of particular groups etc. What can you offer initially for free? e.g. Checklist document, download guide, case study, eBook, printable, workbook, template, resource list or white paper. Have a call to action for the next step with your contact details. Align your marketing to be near you prospect with the right lead magnet.