Digital Marketing

Linkedin Advertising

Ever thought about using LinkedIn to boost your Victor Valley area business? LinkedIn Advertising is like tapping into the world’s largest professional network to get your message right in front of the people you want to reach. Here’s how it works:

Your Ads on LinkedIn

Where They Appear

Your ads will pop up in the LinkedIn News Feed, just like regular posts. And yes, they’ll show up across all devices.

Interactive Ads

Each ad comes with a Call-To-Action button and options to Like, Comment, Share, and Send. It’s all about getting people to interact with your ad.

LinkedIn Audience Network

Want to go beyond LinkedIn? Your ads can also appear on other websites and apps that partner with LinkedIn. It’s like giving your ads a passport to travel around the digital world.

Extra Perks

Adding the LinkedIn Audience Network isn’t just about more space; it boosts your ad reach by 25% and doubles the chances of your ad being seen.

Targeting Your Ads

Geographic Targeting

Just tell us the city and state where you want your ads to show. Sorry, no zip codes or radius targeting here.

Category Targeting

We can show your ads to LinkedIn members based on the info they’ve shared about themselves and their companies. It’s like handpicking your audience.

Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike

Have a list of emails or names? We can find those people on LinkedIn and even find others who are similar to them.


And if someone visits your website but leaves, we can show them your ad when they hop onto LinkedIn or sites in the LinkedIn Audience Network