Digital Marketing

Live Chat

Every thought about having Live Chat on your website? It’s like having a friendly assistant ready to chat with visitors anytime, day or night.

Cool Features of Live Chat

Always There

We pop a Live Chat box right on your client’s website. And for folks on moabile? They can text to chat.

Matches Your Style

The chat box isn’t just functional; it’s fashionable too. We customize it to blend in with the website’s design.

Call Connect

Got a hot lead? Our chat agent can connect them directly to the business phone. It’s like a baton pass in a relay race.

Multilingual Agents

Our agents are not just trained; they’re bilingual too, handling inquiries in both English and Spanish.

Tech Integration

We’re talking CRM and Google Business Profile. Everything’s connected for smooth sailing

How it Works

When visitors land on the website, they’ll see a chat box that looks like it’s part of the site. They can choose to chat or, on mobile, even text. Our agents, who know your client’s business, will be there to grab lead info. And the best part? Your client gets these leads in real time, complete with the full chat transcript.

And here’s something to think about: Most leads actually come in when the lights are off and doors are closed – outside regular business hours. So, without Live Chat, are you missing out on these after-hours opportunities?