Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising and Google Ads

We’re all about making your Google Ads pop to people in Victorville and beyond who are browsing the web! Our Campaign Managers are not just good; they’re Google Ads Certified, especially in Google Search Ads, which you might know as Google Pay-Per-Click.

Here’s how we turn your advertising into results

First off, we sit down with you to pick the best ad strategy – be it Dynamic, Responsive, or Call Ads. For Responsive or Call Ads, we’ll come up with a keyword list (about 20-30 words) that’s all about your business. These are the words we’ll bid on to get your ads seen. Google helps us out by adding relevant keywords as we go along. If we go for Dynamic ads, Google picks the keywords based on your website, so no need for a list.

Next up, we write super compelling text for your ads. We use the latest and greatest ad extensions to make sure your ad takes up prime real estate on search results pages.

Every week, we fine-tune your campaign. We’re constantly tweaking things to make sure your budget is doing the heavy lifting.

At the end of each month, you’ll get a detailed report. It’s like a health check for your ads – showing everything from how many people saw and clicked your ad, to how much you spent, and even the nitty-gritty on conversions, age, and demographics. Plus, if you’re using call ads, we keep a log of all the calls made through the ad.