Digital Marketing

Mobile Conquesting

Mobile Conquesting is a game-changer for local businesses in Victorville, and the entire High Desert! Here’s why: With everyone glued to their smartphones and tablets, having a mobile strategy for your digital marketing is key.

Our Mobile Conquesting lets you reach people right on their mobile devices by mixing location-based targeting with demographic and behavioral targeting. It’s like having a magic wand for mobile ads!

How it Works

We put your ads on popular mobile apps and websites, but only in the areas you want to reach. It’s super targeted.

These are pretty cool – they show people how close they are to your place. If you have multiple locations, it’ll show the nearest one. It’s like a personal invitation!

We can create a digital fence as small as 500 feet around your competitors. When someone steps into this zone with their phone, boom – they see your ad.

Choose from thousands of categories to target your ads, and we can even trigger ads based on the weather.

Address Targeting and Retargeting

Think of this as hyper-local advertising. We draw tiny digital fences around specific addresses (homes or businesses) and show ads to people on their phones and tablets. And with Address Retargeting, we keep showing your ads even when they leave that address. It’s perfect for targeting current or past customers, or anyone from your own database lists.

Cross Platform Targeting

Here’s where it gets really high-tech. When someone sees your Mobile Conquesting ad, we put a ‘Universal Pixel’ on it. It’s like a digital tag that follows them to other ad platforms. So, even if they don’t click on your mobile ad, we can show them different ads – like Display, Native, or even Social Mirror™ Ads – when they’re on other platforms. This Universal Pixel is super smart. It recognizes the person (in a privacy-safe way) and all their devices, so your ad can appear wherever they go online.