Digital Marketing

Native Advertising

Native Ads are a big deal in digital advertising, not just in Victorville or the High Desert, but all over the world!

Here’s Why

These ads are like chameleons. They blend in with the website or app they’re on, matching the look and feel so well that they don’t scream ‘ad.’ And the best part? They work on any device, but you can also choose to go mobile-only. Whether it’s a video or a dynamic picture, these ads just fit right in.

Here’s a little secret – Native Ads are the trendiest thing in online advertising right now. Digital ad spending is going up, and Native Advertising is leading the charge. These ads come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they don’t look like typical ads.
Why does this matter? Because Native Ads get noticed. They’re engaging, they blend in, and they really get results. People interact with them more than traditional ads, and that’s what you want, right?

Behavioral Targeting

Imagine being able to reach people based on what they’re into. We’re talking thousands of categories here – stuff like demographics, online activities, offline habits, you name it. This way, your ads find the folks who are most likely to be interested.

Keyword Targeting

Got some specific words tied to your business? We can use up to 500 of them. Your Native Ads will show up on web pages that feature these keywords. It’s like placing your ad right in the middle of a conversation about your business.

A.I. Targeting

This is where it gets really high-tech. We use artificial intelligence to show your ads to people across all kinds of devices. The AI figures out who’s most likely to engage with your ad and targets them. Smart, right?

Cross Platform Targeting from Mobile Conquesting

And because everyone’s on their phones these days, we make sure your ads show up there too, through Mobile Conquesting. It’s all about catching your audience wherever they are.

Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike Audiences

If you’ve got a list of customer emails, addresses, or phone numbers, we can target those people and find others just like them. Your Native Ads will pop up as they browse different websites and apps. It’s all about reaching out to the right crowd.