Digital Marketing

Online Audio Advertising

Have you noticed how everyone in and around Victorville has got their earbuds in these days, listening to podcasts, radio stations, or other streaming services? Well, that’s where our Online Audio ads come in – they’re like your voice reaching out to potential customers through their headphones!

Short and Sweet Ads

We create audio ads that are 15 to 30 seconds long. They play during online content like music, podcasts, even live sporting events – basically anywhere people are listening on their devices.

Bonus Banner Ads

On some platforms, when your audio ad plays, it comes with a banner ad too – and guess what? No extra charge for that.

Wide Reach

We run your ads on major streaming services. Think Spotify, Soundcloud, TuneIn, Triton, iHeart – all the big names.

Geographic Targeting

Tell us where you want to be heard. We can target your ads to specific areas, like here in the Victorville area, and we’re not just throwing your ad out there. We use Behavioral Targeting and Artificial Intelligence to find the right ears.

Custom Audience Matching & Lookalike Audiences

Got a customer list? We can target those people and others who are similar to them, ensuring your ad is heard by folks most likely to be interested.

Visit Tracking

This is super cool. We can track if someone who heard your ad comes into your store. It’s like seeing your ad’s journey from their headphones to your doorstep.

So, in a nutshell, our Online Audio ads are your way to whisper (or shout) into the ears of potential customers, no matter where they are or what they’re listening to. And we make sure it’s the right people – those who’ll really sit up and listen!