Digital Marketing

Video / OTT Advertising

Got a video? Great, because that’s all you need to start advertising across a ton of websites to people in Victorville and beyond! And here’s a fun fact: video ads are one of the best ways to get a bang for your buck in digital advertising.

How Video/OTT Advertising Works

Think of us as your video ad wizards. We have a bunch of cool ways to make sure your video gets in front of the right people:

Get your ads on big streaming platforms like Amazon.

Using keywords, we put your ad in front of people searching for what you’ve got.

We look at what people like and do online, then show your ad to those who’ll probably dig it.

We even target people on their phones while they’re on the go.

Yep, your ad can show up on YouTube too.

These ads feel right at home wherever they’re placed.

We can even track if someone who saw your OTT ad comes to your store.

If someone checks out your site but doesn’t stick around, we’ll remind them about you with your video ad.

Our smart tech figures out who’s most likely to love your ad and shows it to them.

Everyone’s on social media, right? Your video will be too.

Your video can be the first thing people see before their chosen video plays.

Get your ad on streaming services like Roku, Chromecast, and AppleTV.

Like a reflection, your video ad appears on social platforms and other websites.

Show your video to a specific list of people or others who are similar.